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Judicial Evaluations


What goes into a performance evaluation? 

What goes into a performance evaluation?


Surveys are collected from court users.

Surveys Ask Questions About:

  • Integrity
  • Legal Knowledge
  • Communication
  • Temperament
  • Administration
  • Service to the Public


    Commissioners observe the judge in their courtroom and review their performance.

    Commissioners Look For: 

    • Voice
    • Neutrality
    • Respect
    • Fairness
    • Understandable
    • Plain Language

    Opinion Review

    Commissioners read decisions or opinions issued by each judge.

    Review For:

    • Clearly states what the issue is
    • Basis for the decisions
    • How the judge got there
    • What is the outcome


    The Judge and other interested parties are interviewed by the commission.


    • Opportunity to discuss the Commissioners' findings and what the judge is doing to address issues identifies in the evaluation.

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    Commissions Findings

    • Determination if the Judge "Meets" or "Does Not Meet" Performance Standards
    • Vote count for the decision¬†
    • Narrative of the performance evaluation findings