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1993 Archive


1993 Historical Archive Timeline

1993 Legislation: Colorado Senate Bill 93-115 (PDF)

Bill Digest: SB 93-115 (PDF)

Bill Summary Notable Statutory Changes:

  • Identified the appointments to be made by the appointing authorities allowing each to appoint at least one attorney and one non-attorney to the State and District Commissions. 


  • Establishes a procedure to fill vacancies on the commission with timelines for making those appointments and shifts the appointment to the State Commission if an appointment by the appointing authority is not made in a timely manner. 


  • Requires the State Commission to promulgate rules necessary to implement and effectuate the provisions of the statute as well as procedures to review the deliberations of the district commissions, without the power or duty to review the actual determinations made by district commissions.


  • Requires commissions to release narratives to the public no-later than forty-five days prior to the election.


Please see SB93-115 (signed) for the complete statutory changes.


1993 State Commission: Legislative Report (PDF)