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2017 - 2019 Archive


2017-2019 Historical Archive Timeline

2017 Legislation: Colorado House Bill 17-1303

Bill Summary Notable Statutory Changes:

  • New Appointing Authorities beginning in 2019 with minority leaders in House and Senate appointing one non-attorney to each Commission 
  • State Commission increased to 11 members in 2019. Chief Justice gets one additional attorney appointment
  • State Commission approves Rules Governing Commissions on Judicial Performance and removed Colorado Supreme Court from rule making 
  • Required the creation and use of a performance standards matrix for Judicial Performance
  • Changed recommendation wording from "Retain," "Do Not Retain" to "Meets performance standards" or "Does not meet performance standards
  • Begins performance evaluation for senior judges
  • Allows for the creation of a volunteer courtroom observation program
  • Gives commissions the discretion to recommend to the Chief Justice or Chief Judge of a district to develop an individual performance plan for an under performing Judge in the interim evaluation cycle
  • Provide information from the State Commission and OJPE to the SCAO regarding recommendations for judicial training and education

Please see HB17-1303 (signed) for the complete statutory changes.

Bill Summary:  Colorado HB 17-1303 Bill Summary 


2019 Legislation: Colorado Senate Bill 19-187

Bill Summary Notable Statutory Changes:

  • Changed that if the appointing authority fails to appoint a commission member within 45 days after a vacancy arises, the State Commission on Judicial Performance Evaluation will assume appointing authority until the term expires (then the appointing authority reverts back to the original appointing authority) 
  • Surveys of justices and judges are to be distributed primarily through electronic means

Please see SB 19-187 (signed) for the complete statutory changes.

Bill Summary: Colorado Senate Bill 19-187 Summary

Bill Digest: SB 19-187

Colorado Legislative Assembly: Colorado Senate Bill 19-187 Website Link