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Decision Review Worksheet - Commissioners may use the "Decision Review Worksheet" to assist in evaluating the written decisions as part of the evaluation process.

2018 Appellate Judge Self-Evaluation Form - Judges are required to conduct self-appraisals of his/her own performance. The information provided by the judge in the self-evaluation form is confidential and intended for exclusive review by the State Commission.

2018 OJPE Brochure - When is an election not an election? Want to learn more about judicial performance evaluations? Please click on the link to view the 2015 OJPE Brochure for answers.

2018 OJPE Folleto - Cuando es una elección no una elección? ¿Quieres saber más acerca de las evaluaciones de desempeño judicial? Por favor, haga clic en el enlace para ver el 2015 OJPE Folleto de respuestas.

2020 Training Manual - Colorado Commissions on Judicial Performance - This edition of the 2020 commissioner training manual is formatted for digital viewing.

Colorado Commissions on Judicial Performance 2018 Training Manual - This edition of the 2018 commissioner training manual is formatted for digital viewing. 

Courtroom Observation Worksheet - Commissioners can use the Courtroom Observation worksheet while observing judicial officers as part of the evaluation process.