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1997 - 2000 Archive


1997 Legislation: Colorado House Bill 97-1037 (PDF)

Bill Digest: HB 97-1037 (PDF)


Bill Summary Notable Statutory Changes:

  • Includes Magistrates in judicial performance evaluations.


  • Provides that the State Commission shall develop surveys for lawyers, jurors, litigants, law enforcement personnel, attorneys within the District Attorney’s and Public Defender’s offices, employees of local Departments of Social Services, and victims of crimes as defined by Section 24-4.1- 302.


  • State Commission shall arrange to have the narratives printed in the Ballot Information Booklets pursuant to Section 1-40-124.5 C.R.S. and mailed to electors pursuant to section 2-40-125, C.R.S..


  • Provides for evaluation of District and County Court Judges each even-numbered year in which the judge is not scheduled for a retention election. Magistrates during each odd-numbered year. 


  • Prepared narratives shall be available to the public but not mailed to registered voters. Funds were provided to legislative council for printing the recommendations. 


Please see HB97-1037 (signed) for the complete statutory changes.

1998 State Commission on Judicial Performance: Legislative Report (PDF)

2000 State Commission on Judicial Performance: Legislative Report (PDF)