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Michaelson, Peter 2006 Evaluation


Eleventh Judicial District - Custer County Court Judge

Honorable Peter F. Michaelson

Retention Year: 2006
Recommendation: Retain

The Eleventh Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that Judge Peter F. Michaelson BE RETAINED. The vote among the Commission members was unanimous in favor of retention of Judge Michaelson.

Judge Michaelson graduated from the University of Denver and was admitted to practice in 1982. He was appointed to the Custer County Court bench in August, 2003. Judge Michaelson is a county court judge and works part time presiding over misdemeanor criminal matters, traffic cases and civil cases in which the amount in dispute does not exceed $15,000.

The Commission bases its findings upon information supplied to the Commission through questionnaires, public hearings and a personal interview with Judge Michaelson. As part of the review process, questionnaires were sent to attorneys, court employees, litigants, and jurors. One comment made at a public hearing in favor of retention was that Judge Michaelson was fair, honest, had a positive demeanor, taking time to hear both sides of the case. Survey results in most categories evaluated also found Judge Michaelson to be around the average for county court judges’ performance.

The Commission has determined that Judge Michaelson has goodverbal communication, using language that everyone can understand. He is consistent, perceived as fair in his rulings and bases decisions on evidence presented. The Commission believes that Judge Michaelson is highly motivated, concerned with the proper conduct of his court, and concerned that all parties are treated fairly and equitably. Judge Michaelson takes the judicial review process seriously. He is dedicated to becoming a better judge.