Bromley, Rebecca 2004 Evaluation


Fourth Judicial District - District Court Judge

Honorable Rebecca Snyder Bromley 

Retention Year: 2004
Recommendation: Retain

The Fourth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that Judge Rebecca Snyder Bromley BE RETAINED.

Judge Bromley was appointed to the Fourth Judicial District Court bench in June 2001 by Governor Owens. Prior to her appointment to the district court bench, Judge Bromley was an El Paso County Court judge for sixteen years. Judge Bromley received her law degree from the University of Virginia in 1971. Judge Bromley hears primarily civil cases and domestic relation cases. In addition, she is the district court judge for probate matters.

The Commission reviewed written evaluations of Judge Bromley from attorneys and non-attorneys, including written comments attached to the evaluation questionnaires, and took comments from attendees at a public hearing. The Commission also considered a written self-evaluation completed by Judge Bromley and conducted a personal interview with her.
Judge Bromley serves on the board of directors of Community Corrections, Inc., and is a prior member of the board of directors of the Palmer Foundation. She serves on the El Paso County Domestic Violence Homicide Review Team. Judge Bromley is a member of the El Paso County and Colorado Bar Associations, serving as a trustee of the El Paso County Bar Association and a member of the Colorado Bar Association Board of Governors.

Judge Bromley received high ratings from attorneys in nearly every category, from case management, to communications, to demeanor. Non-attorneys did not rate Judge Bromley as highly, particularly in the areas of demeanor and fairness. Of the attorneys responding to the survey questionnaire, 84% recommended that she be retained in office, while 15% recommended that she not be retained. Of the non-attorneys responding to the
questionnaire, 68% recommended that she be retained, while 31% recommended that she not be retained. The Commission's vote for retention was unanimous, with nine members voting and one not present for the vote.