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Zerbi, Victor 1994 Evaluation


Ninth Judicial District - Garfield County Court Judge

Honorable Victor M. Zerbi

Retention Year: 1994
Recommendation: Retain


Judge Zerbi has been County Court Judge in Garfield County in Glenwood Springs for 14 years. He has had 25 years of experience in litigation as an attorney and as a judge. His cases are divided among criminal, traffic and civil.

IT appears to the Commission that Judge Zerbi’s performance on the bench is of high quality and the litigants and jurors alike have given him high marks on the questionnaire circulated by the judicial department. In past years, there have been signs of dissatisfaction with Judge Zerbi on the part of some of the bar. This year of questionnaires returned by attorneys, 85.7% recommended he be retained.

Judge Zerbi has a strong commitment to fairness and impartiality. He appeared to the Commission to be highly motivated in his position, thoughtful, articulate and sincere. A favorable point in Judge Zerbi’s practice of explaining the proceedings and the applicable lase to the persons before him.

The Ninth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that Judge Victor M. Zerbi, Jr. BE RETAINED.