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Yeager, Marsha 1990 Evaluation


Twentieth Judicial District - Boulder County Court Judge

Honorable Marsha B. Yeager

Retention Year: 1990
Recommendation: Retain


Judicial Performance Commission’s recommendation: Should Be Retained

Judge Yeager is a Boulder County Court Judge. She was admitted to practice in Colorado in 1965. She spent a year in private practice in Reno, Nevada. From 1969 to 1971, Judge Yeager was a deputy district attorney in the 20th Judicial District, Boulder County. She was in private practice in Boulder form 1972 to 1975; in 1974, she was also a visiting professor at the University of Colorado School of Law. Judge Yeager was appointed Boulder County Judge in March 1975. Her principal office is located in the Boulder County Justice Center, but her duties also require her to preside at proceedings held in the Longmont Courthouse and the Boulder County Jail.

Yeager presides over civil cases in which the claims do not exceed $5,000. She also handles felony advisements and preliminary hearings, and presides over traffic and misdemeanor cases. In addition to her County Court duties, she generally spends two to four weeks each year over District Court cases, including criminal, personal injury and domestic relations.

All of the surveyed groups rated Yeager to be above average. A number of respondents, supporters and detractors felt Yeager was sometimes too abrupt or rude, but most believe she is a good judge who is firm but fair.