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Wheeler, Robert 1994 Evaluation


Fifth Judicial District - Clear Creek County Court Judge

Honorable Robert H. Wheeler

Retention Year: 1994
Recommendation: Retain


Robert H. Wheeler graduated from Colorado College in 1974 with a degree in literature, and obtained his law degree from the University of Colorado in 1982. His experience includes a year working as a judicial clerk, a year as a deputy district attorney in the Fourth Judicial District, and approximately a year in private practice. From 1984 – 1992 he served as Chief Deputy District Attorney in the Fifth Judicial District. He was appointed to the County Court Bench in April 1992.

Judge Wheeler’s county court docket is a mixture of civil and criminal matters, with traffic cases comprising 60% of the workload.

Evaluations by attorneys, courthouse personnel, and law enforcement employees were very storn for a new judge, with high ranking in every category.

Judge Wheeler expressed healthy concerns about improving the administration of justice. He appears to be making a conscientious effort to grow as he gains experience on the bench.

The 5th Judicial District Commission o