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Wadleigh, Ralph 1998 Evaluation


Sixteenth Judicial District - Otero County Court Judge

Honorable Ralph N. Wadleigh

Retention Year: 1998
Recommendation: Retain


The Sixteenth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that Judge Ralph N. Wadleigh BE RETAINED.

Judge Wadleigh has served as the County Judge for Otero County for the last ten years as a ninety percent (90%) part-time Judge. Judge Wadleigh manages a caseload in excess of 4,300 cases per year. He is the sole County Judge within Otero County. His duties include the handling of the entire criminal docket, civil docket, as well as Small Claims Court docket. His docket consists of approximately 30% civil matters, 53% traffic matters and 17% misdemeanor matters.

Without exception, the attorney evaluations unanimously recommend retention of Judge Wadleigh. Of court and probation employees, 85.7% recommend retention. Litigants were equally divided concerning the issue of retention. 92.3% of law enforcement personnel recommend retention. Social Service employees were unanimous in their recommendation of retention. Jurors recommended retention at a percent of 90.9%.

The consensus is that Judge Wadleigh operates his courtroom in an efficient manner, especially in light of the substantial caseload. Criticisms concerning patience were greatly outweighed by a majority of written comments that indicate a knowledgeable, patient effort on the bench. Judge Wadleigh recognizes the growing caseload and pledges continued efforts to demonstrate patience and sincerity to litigants, lawyers, and jurors. The consensus is that Judge Wadleigh serves as a strong jurist, knowledgeable in the areas presented to him, and dedicated to his position. He is held in high esteem by a vast majority of persons submitting comments.