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Vickers, Larry 1994 Evaluation


Seventh Judicial District - Hinsdale County Court Judge

Honorable Larry Vickers

Retention Year: 1994
Recommendation: Retain


Judge Larry Vickers was appointed as County Judge of Hinsdale County in 1978. He is a lay judge. The majority of his cases are relative to traffic matters; he hears a small number of misdemeanor cases and very few civil cases.

Since the court is in a very small county, the number of response to the evaluation questionnaires sent to attorney, courthouse personnel, litigants and law enforcement members was negligible. Judge Vickers feels he serves the needs of this county in a satisfactory manner and the few responses seemed to agree with that assessment.

Serving as a county judge is satisfying for the judge. He uses a friendly, casual manner with those who come before him since for many it is their first encounter with the court system. He feels it is important that they understand the process and fell less intimidated by it. Since the caseload in Hinsdale County is light, it is possible for Judge Vickers to take plenty of time with persons in the court. He is a 20% part-time judge.

As a member of a very small community, the judge is active in various areas of community life. He serves as director of the local bank, he served as an elder in his church, been active in the Chamber of Commerce and had other non-political involvements.

Judge Vickers would like to serve another term; the 7th Judicial District Commission recommends he should BE RETAINED.