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Stirman, C. Edward 2006 Evaluation


Eighth Judicial District - Larimer County Court Judge

Honorable C. Edward Stirman

Retention Year: 2006
Recommendation: Retain

The Eighth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that Judge C. Edward Stirman BE RETAINED. The Commission voted nine in favor with one absent.

Judge Stirman received his undergraduate degree from Colorado State University in 1976 and his law degree from the University of Colorado in 1980. Judge Stirman was appointed to the County Court in 1999. Prior to his appointment, Judge Stirman was in private practice in Fort Collins with a practice emphasis in bankruptcy, estate planning and domestic relations. He served as a District Court Magistrate for the Eighth Judicial District from August, 1997 until August, 1998. Judge Stirman’s court handles a mix of traffic/criminal misdemeanor cases and civil cases involving damages under $15,000.

The Commission interviewed representatives from the District Attorney’s office and the Public Defender’s office. The Commission reviewed evaluations of Judge Stirman received from respondents to a professionally conducted survey of both attorneys and non-attorneys who have been in his courtroom. The Commission considered statistical responses as well as written comments dealing with courtesy, impartiality, communications skill, judicial temperament, diligence, application of the law, and retention. Further, the Commission also considered a written self-evaluation completed by the judge and conducted a personal interview with Judge Stirman.

Judge Stirman believes that the County Court constitutes a significant part of justice in our system due to its impact on a large portion of the public, and that it is a privilege to serve as a judge in that court.

The Commission found that Judge Stirman’s skills and courtroom presence have improved since the last review was performed.

Attorneys responding to the survey recommended he be retained by 89%. Eighty-eight percent of the non-attorneys responding to the survey also recommended that Judge Stirman be retained. He received high marks from both attorneys and non-attorneys in case management, application and knowledge of the law, communications, demeanor and diligence.