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Smith, Paul 1994 Evaluation


Seventh Judicial District - Ouray County Court Judge

Honorable Paul David Smith 

Retention Year: 1994
Recommendation: Retain


Judge Paul David Smith was appointed as County Judge of Ouray County in 1980. His current caseload is predominately traffic cases, but he also hears a small number of misdemeanor and felony complaint cases. Judge Smith serves as a 35% part-time judge. He views his role as a judge to be that of a fair administrator of justice.

Courthouse personnel, law enforcement personnel and attorney evaluation questionnaires rated Judge Smith above average in most areas, including compassion, integrity and unbiased decision making. Some respondents noted that Judge Smith was not always punctual on commencing proceedings or prompt rulings. Of the total responses received, 89% recommended retention, 5% recommended he not be retained and 6% had no opinion.

When interviewed, the judge admitted he intentionally begins court a few minutes late in order to save time by not having to repeat advisement to stragglers. Judge Smith also indicated frustration regarding the lack of resources available to the court, such as a law library or a sufficient among of court staff. However, the judge stated he enjoys his work.

The members of the 7th Judicial District Commission recommend that Judge Paul David Smith BE RETAINED.