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Shuteran, Sharon 2002 Evaluation


Seventh Judicial District - San Miguel County Court Judge

Honorable Sharon E. Shuteran

Retention Year: 2002
Recommendation: Retain

The Seventh Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that Judge Sharon E. Shuteran BE RETAINED.

Judge Shuteran is a graduate of the University of Denver where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. She received her law degree from the University of Denver and was admitted to the practice of law in Colorado in 1978. She served as the Town Judge for Ophir and Assistant Town Judge in Telluride, and was a Deputy District Attorney before being appointed San Miguel County Court Judge in September of 1984.

Judge Shuteran’s workload consists of 17% civil matters, with the balance being various types of criminal matters ranging from traffic infractions to preliminary hearings in felony cases. The Commission found Judge Shuteran to be courteous in her courtroom and willing to listen to all sides. Judge Shuteran manages her docket in an informal manner and decides cases on their merits, the law and the equities involved.

Judge Shuteran describes herself as loquacious, a mediator and a social activist. She elicited strong opinions, from lawyers and lay persons, often at both ends of the spectrum. She believes she listens carefully to all sides and has a true concern for fairness. Judge Shuteran reports good communication skills and an ability to explain things clearly regardless of the level of understanding of the people involved. She believes her mediation and conflict resolution skills to be her greatest strengths and she strives to improve her legal knowledge.

Judge Shuteran speaks in the community and schools about the judicial system and dispute resolution. She teaches for the San Miguel Resource Center, helps the schools with their conflict resolution programs and volunteers for numerous community events. The position of San Miguel County Court judge is part-time. In her private practice, Judge Shuteran offers mediation services.

The Commission conducted public hearings, interviews with attorneys and non-attorneys, a personal interview and reviewed Judge Shuteran’s self-evaluation. The survey response from local attorneys was too small for credible analysis. A significant number of non-attorneys responded to the survey and 73% recommended retention. The Commission was
satisfied with Judge Shuteran’s performance. The Commission recommends that San Miguel County Court Judge Shuteran be retained.