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Romano, Sabino 1994 Evaluation


Seventeenth Judicial District - Adams County Court Judge

Honorable Sabino Romano 

Retention Year: 1994
Recommendation: Retain


Judge Sabino Romano was appointed to the Adams County Court in January 1987. Judge Romano obtained his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Colorado. He was licensed to practice law in Colorado in 1974. Prior to his appointment as a county court judge, Judge Romano was a County Court Magistrate in Arapahoe County and in the private practice of law.

Judge Romano received the highest ratings of all judges in response to the survey questionnaires. Only two persons who responded to the questionnaires had no opinion as to whether Judge Romano should be retained. All other respondents believe he should be retained. Of all those who responded to the survey questionnaires, 98.4% believed Judge Romano should be retained and 1.6% had no opinion. Of the non-attorney respondents, 100% believed he should be retained. Of the attorney respondents, 97.6% believed he should be retained and 2.4% had no opinion regarding his retention.

Judge Romano scored uniformly high in all categories in which he was evaluated. The lowest rating he received was a 96.6% approval rating and he achieved a 100% approval rating in eleven of the eighteen performance categories.

The comments by respondents mirrored this superior evaluation. No negative comments were received by the commission. The comments which were received indicated that Judge Romano was patient, prepared and fair.

In his meeting before the commission Judge Romano scored a 4.0 on a scale in which 5.0 was excellent and 4.0 was good. The commission members believed Judge Romano reflected the traits indicated in the survey results. Members were impressed with his politeness, professionalism and willingness to listen. He appeared to be a person who liked what he was doing and took the position as a judge seriously.

Based upon all the information available to the commission the members of the commission voted unanimously to RECOMMEND RETENTION.