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Rinaldi, Emil 1994 Evaluation


Seventeenth Judicial District - Adams County Court Judge

Honorable Emil Rinaldi 

Retention Year: 1994
Recommendation: Retain


Emil A. Rinaldi graduated from the State University of New York with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and received his Juris Doctor Degree from Colorado University in 1980. He was admitted to the Bar in the State of Colorado in 1980. Prior to his appointment to the Adams County bench, he served as an assistant county attorney for Adams County and a deputy district attorney for the 17th Judicial District.

Judge Rinaldi was appointed to the Adams County bench in August of 1984 and has served in that capacity for nearly ten years. As a county court judge, 99% of the cases he hears are criminal or related cases involving 40% traffic, 39% misdemeanor, 20% felony complaints, and ½ of 1% domestic relations matters.

Based upon information supplied to the Commission and personal interviews, Judge Rinaldi was rated high in all categories of evaluation. He scored highest for writing clear written decisions, maintaining courtroom control, working diligently and issuing prompt rulings and decisions. Comments from those evaluations include: good judge, outstanding discretionary ability, practical, effective, great demeanor/presence in the courtroom, a fair and competent judge. Seems at times to be a bit formalistic, tends to be moody and at times can be hostile to inexperienced attorneys.

Judge Rinaldi has indicated a preference for assignments to the criminal division. He participates in other activities relative to the improvement of the Adams County Bar Association. The evaluation of the Commission included comments as follows: involved, thoughtful, high technical expertise, implemented system for expediting his own docket.

The 17th Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance recommends unanimously that Judge Rinaldi BE RETAINED.