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Moorhead, R. Thomas 2010 Evaluation


Fifth Judicial District - District Court Judge 

Honorable R. Thomas Moorhead

Retention Year: 2010
Recommendation: Retain


2010 Retention Survey Report

2009 Interim Survey Report


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The Fifth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance unanimously recommends that Judge R. Thomas Moorhead BE RETAINED.

Judge Moorhead received his law degree from Salmon P. Chase College of Law, and was appointed to the District Court of the Fifth Judicial District in 2002. He held a variety of positions in Cincinnati, Ohio, until 1992, including general practice for Perrino, Woeller, & Mire from 1976-1987, serving as chief assistant in the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office from 1977-1987, and serving as partner in Lindhorst & Dreidame from 1987-1992. From July 1993 until June 2001, Moorhead served as town attorney for the Town of Vail. He was County Attorney for Eagle County from June 2001 until August 2002. Judge Moorhead hears cases primarily in Eagle County.

The Commission reviewed written evaluations of Judge Moorhead from attorneys and non-attorneys, as well as a written self evaluation completed by Judge Moorhead. A personal interview of Judge Moorhead was conducted by the Commission, and members of the Commission reviewed a sampling of Judge Moorhead’s written rulings and observed him in the courtroom during several proceedings.

The Commission is highly impressed with Judge Moorhead’s temperament in the courtroom and dedication to his job. Judge Moorhead is seen as a district judge who takes his job very seriously, and who treats all courtroom participants with respect and fairness. He receives very high marks for his professional, balanced courtroom demeanor, and is held in high regard by the Commission, attorneys and non-attorneys that appear before him. Overall he successfully manages a very heavy caseload with few criticisms. Judge Moorhead’s communication skills are excellent and he provides solid, well-reasoned decisions. Judge Moorhead is also highly supportive and complimentary as to his staff. Comments from both attorneys and non-attorneys praise him for his judicial demeanor and fairness, as well as his intellectual abilities. Judge Moorhead continues to work on improving the efficient management of his docket and creating an atmosphere in the courtroom that is welcome, open and not intimidating.

Questionnaires received by the Commission from both attorneys and non-attorneys that have appeared in his courtroom uniformly rate Judge Moorhead above average overall, and above average in the areas of case management, demeanor and communications. Of all attorneys surveyed about retention, 89% recommended to retain, 9% not to retain, and 3% expressed no opinion. Excluding those who had no opinion, 91% recommended to retain and 9% not to retain. Of all non-attorneys surveyed, 93% recommended to retain, 4% not to retain, and 4% expressed no opinion. Excluding those who had no opinion, 96% recommended to retain and 4% not to retain. (These percentages may not total 100% due to rounding.)