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Minot, Martha 2002 Evaluation


Sixth Judicial District - La Plata County Court Judge

Honorable Martha T. Minot

Retention Year: 2002
Recommendation: Retain

The Sixth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that Judge Martha T. Minot BE RETAINED.

Judge Minot was appointed to the La Plata County Court for the Sixth Judicial District in March 1995. Prior to her appointment to the bench, Judge Minot was in private practice in Durango, Colorado, specializing in domestic relations and served as part-time County Magistrate for La Plata County. Judge Minot received her undergraduate degree in 1979 from the University of Colorado (Cum Laude) and her law degree from the University of Colorado in 1983. Judge Minot presently hears 20% civil and 80% criminal cases.

The Commission reviewed court generated statistics, surveys from both attorneys and non-attorneys and a written self-evaluation completed by Judge Minot. The Commission also held a public hearing and conducted a personal interview with Judge Minot.

Judge Minot received favorable survey scores, with 93% of attorneys recommending retention. Her impressive scores are a result of her hard work and dedication to the position and to the people she serves. She handles a difficult, high volume docket with efficiency and competence while maintaining integrity and fairness in her decisions.

Judge Minot was recently appointed as the District Drug Court Judge and she is especially proud of the success of the Day Reporting Program she supervises. She realizes the importance of restorative justice for first-time offenders to educate them and help them avoid a conviction and criminal record. The Sixth Judicial District Victim Impact Panels were organized by Judge Minot and have now been taken over by the local MADD chapter. In addition to her busy judicial schedule, Judge Minot volunteers 15 hours a month on law-related community service and five hours per month on community service that is not directly related with law. Judge Minot’s commitment to her work as a judge and to the community she serves is both evident and exemplary.