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Mayhew, Stanley 1990 Evaluation


Eleventh Judicial District - Park County Court Judge

Honorable Stanley J. Mayhew

Retention Year: 1990
Recommendation: No Opinion


Judicial Performance Commission’s recommendation: No Opinion

Judge Mayhew is a County Court Judge appointed to his position in 1975. He was admitted to the Colorado Bar in 1971, and served as a law clerk for a justice on the Colorado Court of Appeals. He established a private practice in Fairplay in November 1971 which he has maintained to the present date. Additionally, he operated South Park Title Co. from 1984 to 1986.

Mayhew presides over traffic and misdemeanor criminal cases, including drunken driving cases in Park County. He also conducts preliminary hearings in felony cases. He occasionally hears juvenile matters as a juvenile referee within Park County. Mayhew’s court is a part-time rather than a full-time court based upon the population and needs of the county and therefore he operates a private practice separate from his duties on the county court bench.

The surveyed groups rated Mayhew favorably on questions dealing with conducting court free from impropriety, making decisions without public influence, providing equal treatment without regard to race, sex, expressed substantially above average ratings with regard to displaying a sense of justice and avoiding prejudging of cases. Mayhew is generally viewed as being courteous and free from arbitrary decision making.

The commission noted the surveyed groups expressed some concern with Mayhew not proceeding with matters in a punctual manner. The judge has taken recent steps to place the function of his court on a more punctual basis. The negative results of the process when compared with the positive attributes of the judge have caused the commission to be unable to recommend retention. The positive attributes of the judge also do not case the commission to recommend against retention.