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Maes, Dennis 1990 Evaluation


Tenth Judicial District - District Court Judge

Honorable Dennis Maes

Retention Year: 1990
Recommendation: Retain


Judicial Performance Commission’s recommendation: Should Be Retained.

Judge Maes was admitted to the practice of law in 1972. He worked for Pueblo County Legal Services and the Colorado State Public Defender before entering private practice in 1979. He was appointed to the District Court in 1988. Serving in Division B of the District Court, Maes handles a variety of cases including criminal, civil, domestic relations and juvenile matters.

People from law enforcement, courthouse staff, probation and social services departments, jurors, attorneys, parties to cases and members of the community responded to a survey conducted to evaluate the performance of Maes. Some response to the survey indicated Maes could improve his working relationship with certain persons within the judicial system. Other responses indicated Maes was courteous and fair in his dealings with people with whom he had contact.