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Kolomitz, M. Jon 1994 Evaluation


Sixteenth Judicial District - District Court Judge

Honorable M. Jon Kolomitz

Retention Year: 1994
Recommendation: Retain


Judge M. Jon Kolomitz was originally appointed to the bench on February 1, 1985. He became Chief Judge of the 16th Judicial District on July of 1988. Judge Kolomitz received his legal education at the University of Colorado.

After received his law degree Judge Kolomitz entered government service as an aged for the Federal Bureau of Investigations. He returned to La Junta to open a private practice in 1969. His area of specialization as a private practitioner was civil and government practice. In his practice he represented a number of municipalities and served as the Municipal Judge in the City of La Junta, Colorado.

Currently Judge Kolomitz serves as the Chief Judge of the 16th Judicial District. The 16th Judicial District covers the Colorado counties of Bent, Crowley and Otero. As a multi-county district, the District Judges must hold court in each of the three counties in the district. Unless prevented by his trial schedule, Judge Kolomitz sits for at least a portion of one day per week in Bent and Crowley counties. As a District Judge, Judge Kolomitz hears felony criminal, domestic relations (includes dependency and neglect cases), probate, mental health and civil cases involving equitable relief or where damages of over $10,000 are demanded. These duties essentially require the Judge’s full time. Additionally, Judge Kolomitz is the Chief Judge of the district which requires him to perform administrative duties having to do with all the other courts in the district. These administrative duties are in addition to his primary duties as a trial judge.

As part of the evaluation process, observations about the position and judicial system in general were solicited from the Judge. Judge Kolomitz commented on the effect of technological advances in the court system. He specifically was pleased with the computerization which has recently take place in the district. The Judge pointed out the district now has a number of computers available for work processing, court docketing, administrative functions, legal research and electronic interface with the state judicial system. He also noted the district court now has a state of the art facsimile machine that allows for electronic filing of court documents. Areas which Judge Kolomitz pointed out as possible  areas to watch with concern are: The impact which state prisons have on increasing the court’s docket without a corresponding increase in judicial resources, and: The increasing administrative and out of court duties imposed on the Judge which takes away from court time.

As part of the evaluation process, questionnaires regarding the Judge’s performance were sent out to a sampling of attorneys, law enforcement officers, courthouse personnel and past jurors. Additionally, the District Commission solicited written comments regarding the Judge from the general public. A review of the response contained in these materials reveals that Judge Kolomitz received consistently high marks from each of the groups surveyed.

The committee interviewed Judge Kolomitz for over two hours. We found him to be well informed and extremely knowledgeable about all matters having to do with the district court. He appears to have a firm grasp of the requirements of his position and the ability to perform those tasks competently. The Judge is concerned with and supports innovation in the court system. He appears to be a thoughtful individual who enjoys his position as district judge.

The Committee on Judicial Performance for the Sixteenth Judicial District recommends that the Honorable M. Jon Kolomitz BE RETAINED.