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Herron, Jeff 2010 Evaluation


Seventh Judicial District - District Court Judge 

Honorable Jeff B. Herron

Retention Year: 2010
Recommendation: Retain


2010 Retention Survey Report

2009 Interim Survey Report


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The Seventh Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance by unanimous vote recommends Judge Jeff B. Herron BE RETAINED.

Judge Herron received an undergraduate degree, in 1980, from Sam Houston University. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma School of Law in 1983. He occasionally speaks to local organizations about the legal system. He spent a number years as a public defender followed by several years in private practice.

Judge Herron was appointed District Court Judge in February 2007. His workload consists of 15% civil, 15% domestic relations, 17% juvenile, 3% probate, and 50% criminal.
Judge Herron was strong in the areas of judicial temperament, treating all participants in the legal system with respect and dignity. Although Judge Herron belongs to no professional associations he is actively involved in the Juvenile Planning Board.
The Commission observed Judge Herron in the courtroom, reviewed his writings, conducted a personal interview, and reviewed his written self-evaluation. The Commission found that Judge Herron appropriately controls his courtroom, manages his docket in an efficient manner, makes rulings based on merits of the case at hand and applies the law fairly.

Ninety-one percent of attorneys responding to the evaluation recommended that Judge Herron be retained in office, and 9% recommended that he not be retained. Of the non-attorneys, 89% recommended retention, 6% recommended non-retention, and 5% had no opinion.