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Hearn, Kathleen 2010 Evaluation


Tenth Judicial District - Pueblo County Court Judge 

Honorable Kathleen K. Hearn

Retention Year: 2010
Recommendation: Retain


2010 Retention Survey Report

2009 Interim Survey Report


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The Tenth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance unanimously recommends that Judge Kathleen K. Hearn BE RETAINED.

Judge Hearn was appointed to the County Court bench in November, 1995. The Commission reviewed the survey results of lawyers and non-lawyers, heard directly from agency representatives who were familiar with Judge Hearn’s work, and conducted a personal interview with Judge Hearn. The Commission also reviewed three of her rulings. One of the orders was in written format and the other two were oral opinions that had been transcribed. The Commission also observed Judge Hearn in her courtroom. Currently her workload consists of 8% civil, 1% criminal 45% misdemeanor, 44% traffic and 2% small claims.

Judge Hearn has a strong commitment and a certain wisdom that she brings to her courtroom due to the number of years that she has been on the bench. The Commission found Judge Hearn’s greatest strength to be her ability to treat all people with respect and dignity in her courtroom. When it was brought to her attention that she may have been rude to a litigant she thoroughly analyzed her behavior and spoke with her staff to determine it if she reacted inappropriately. She is extremely aware of her demeanor on the bench and works diligently to make any improvements that are necessary.

The Commission was impressed with Judge Hearn and her ability to recognize conflicts of interests and act upon them. She has a clear understanding of conflicts and recuses herself upon her own motion. Judge Hearn appropriately refrains from conversations with litigants and witnesses outside the courtroom and fully understands the social sacrifices necessary to avoid conflicts of interest. In many ways, Judge Hearn leads by example. She is a very detailed person and takes great care to ensure that people’s rights are respected. The Judicial Performance Commission believes that Judge Hearn has struck a good balance between case management and allows litigants to determine the direction and pace for the litigation. She allows litigants sufficient time for jury selection. Her overall concern is that the rights of all people in her courtroom are respected.

She is extremely kind and patient with everyone in her courtroom. Judge Hearn is involved in community service activities and chooses activities which do not create a conflict of interest with her position. She chooses activities that would not create conflicts with her position in the judiciary. The survey results for Judge Hearn, from both lawyers and non-lawyers, showed an above average recommendation for retention. Judge Hearn’s overall rating was in line with other county court judges throughout Colorado.