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Haeger, Robert 2002 Evaluation


Third Judicial District - Huerfano County Court Judge

Honorable Robert E. Haeger 

Retention Year: 2002
Recommendation: Retain

The Third Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance unanimously recommends that Judge Robert E. Haeger BE RETAINED.

Having previously practiced in other jurisdictions, Judge Haeger was appointed Huerfano County Judge by former Governor Romer in November 1987 and was admitted to the practice of law in Colorado in January 1988. Judge Haeger graduated from Iowa Wesleyan College with a B.A. in sociology in 1962. He earned a J.D. degree from Chicago Kent College of Law in 1966. Judge Haeger was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1966, admitted to the practice of law in the Federal District Court, Northern District, Illinois (Chicago) in 1966 and admitted to the practice of law in the United States Supreme Court in 1968. During his 20 years of active law practice, Judge Haeger was a successful trial attorney. He and his wife live in Huerfano County.

Judge Haeger presently hears small claims, civil, traffic and misdemeanor cases. Judge Haeger also acts as a Settlement Officer, and is often sent out of the judicial district on special assignments. He has participated in settling many high profile cases throughout Colorado with a high degree of success. He has handled over 250 settlement cases.

The Commission interviewed Judge Haeger and found him to be confident, knowledgeable of the law and a competent judge. He tries to dispense justice individually, which may explain comments from survey results of moodiness or temperament because he deliberately tailors his delivery to the particular situation and how he has sized up the litigants and sometimes comes down quite heavily on parties if he believes it is warranted. His pet peeve is rudeness in the courtroom, especially on the part of any attorney who appear in front of him. The judge expects that basic courtesy and rules be followed, which may cause some clashes.

Non-attorneys routinely rated Judge Haeger higher in their survey responses than the attorney respondents. Of the 82 non-attorneys responding to the survey, 67% recommended retention, 15% recommended non-retention and 18% had no opinion. Of the nine attorneys responding, 44% recommended retention, 33% recommended non-retention and 22% had no opinion.

Based on the Commission’s extensive interview with Judge Haeger, his self-evaluation and the opinions provided in the survey of attorneys, litigants and court staff, it was the unanimous decision of the Commission to recommend retention of Judge Robert E. Haeger.