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Faragher, Beth 2016 Evaluation


Second Judicial District - Denver County Court Judge

Honorable Beth A. Faragher 

Retention Year: 2016
Recommendation: Meets Performance Standard


2016 Retention Survey Report (PDF)


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The Second Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance, on a vote of 10-0, unanimously recommends that Judge Beth A. Faragher BE RETAINED.

Judge Faragher was appointed to the Denver County Court in July 2014. Prior to her appointment, Judge Faragher served as a Denver County Court magistrate, Pro Tem Judge for the City of Westminster, and was an attorney in private practice specializing in criminal defense, employment law, and mental health court appointments. Judge Faragher obtained her Juris Doctorate degree from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, and her undergraduate degree from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. She is active in the Colorado Bar Association Leadership Training, the Denver Access to Justice Committee, and the Denver Bench Bar Committee.

The Commission reviewed survey results of attorneys and non-attorneys who have appeared in Judge Faragher’s courtroom, reviewed three of Judge Faragher’s written opinions as well as her self-evaluation. Selected members of the Commission observed Judge Faragher in court. The Commission then interviewed Judge Faragher. Analysis of all these data supports retention. Of attorneys completing surveys, 84% recommend retention and 16% indicate that they were undecided or did not have enough information to make a recommendation. Of the non-attorneys completing surveys, 91% recommend retention, 4% somewhat recommend that Judge Faragher not be retained and 6% made no recommendation. (These percentages do not total 100% due to rounding.)

The number of attorney respondents (19 completed) is too small to allow for an item by item analysis; however, the Commission notes that the trend in responses is positive overall. In the areas of case management, demeanor, knowledge of law, communication, diligence, and fairness, Judge Faragher exceeds the average scores of other county court judges standing for retention. Written comments support these scores. Judge Faragher is described as an outstanding member of the bench with strong judicial reasoning, impartiality, and compassion for those who appear in front of her. Non-attorney respondents evaluated her above the average in questions related to demeanor, fairness, communication, and application of law. In only one area, diligence, are Judge Faragher’s scores from non-attorneys below the average of county court judges standing for retention. In written comments several attorney and non-attorney respondents raise concerns that matters may take longer than they should in her courtroom, a conclusion of the Commissioners who observed her as well. In her interview, Judge Faragher recognized docket management as an area for continuing improvement that she will address.