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Doyle, Robert 2006 Evaluation


Seventeenth Judicial District - Adams County Court Judge

Honorable Robert S. Doyle

Retention Year: 2006
Recommendation: Retain

The Seventeenth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance unanimously recommends that Judge Robert S. Doyle BE RETAINED.

Judge Doyle was appointed as a County Court Judge in June of 2004. Prior to this he was a Chief Deputy District Attorney for the Adams County District Attorney’s Office for 19 years and a Magistrate in the seventeenth Judicial District for 4 years. Judge Doyle received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from the University of Colorado, Bolder in 1973. He graduated from the University of Denver, College of Law in 1980. Judge Doyle currently hears criminal and traffic cases.

Judge Doyle believes that each day he must treat each party fairly and politely and decide each issue without bias. He believes his job is to rule on law and not to make it. Judge Doyle also believes it is important to manage his courtroom by the most efficient means possible.

The Commission reviewed evaluations of Judge Doyle done through a professionally conducted survey with questioned both attorneys and non-attorneys who have appeared in Judge Doyle’s court. The committee review statistical data and written responses which addressed five areas of the Judges performance: Demeanor, Fairness, Communication, Diligence, and Application of Law. Judge Doyle was noted for his fairness and management of his courtroom.

Judge Doyle received better than average scores in all areas evaluated by the attorney’s who responded. In addition, his ratings from non-attorney respondents were at least average if not higher in all areas. This was most evident with his recommendation by attorney and non-attorneys for retention. 97 % of attorneys recommended for retention while 3% did not and 96% of non-attorney respondents recommended retention and 4 % did not. Judge Doyle was recognized by respondents for his fairness and management of the court room.