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DeWolfe, Geoffrey 1990 Evaluation


Fourth Judicial District - El Paso County Court Judge

Honorable Geoffrey DeWolfe 

Retention Year: 1990
Recommendation: Retain


Judicial Performance Commission’s recommendation: Should Be Retained.

Judge DeWolfe was appointed to the El Paso County Court in July 1987. He received his undergraduate degree from the College of Wooster in 1968 and obtained his Juris Doctor in 1972 from the University of Akron. He was admitted to the Colorado Bar in 1973 and served as a VISTA volunteer lawyer at Pikes Peak Legal Services upon graduation. He also served as a staff attorney at Pike Peak Legal Services and, immediately prior to being appointed to the bench, served as an El Paso County juvenile commissioner for almost six years. His current caseload includes county court civil and criminal cases, juvenile cases and domestic relations cases.

Throughout the reading of the opinions regarding DeWolfe’s retention, it quickly became evident that more than two-thirds of the respondents believe him to be a highly competent and valuable member of the Fourth Judicial District judicial system.

Most attorneys did not comment, but one who did thinks DeWolfe more often and more liberally favors the less fortunate and rules accordingly.  Reference also was made to him as “a good judge who continues to grow as time passes” and that “he is a ‘plus’ who belongs in the District Court.”