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Denvir, James 1998 Evaluation


Sixth Judicial District - Archuleta County Court Judge

Honorable James E. Denvir

Retention Year: 1998
Recommendation: Retain


The Sixth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that Judge James E. Denvir BE RETAINED.

This recommendation was reached after consideration of responses to the State Judicial Commission's performance survey, a public hearing held in Pagosa Springs and a personal interview with Judge Denvir by the Sixth Judicial District Commission.

Judge Denvir was appointed to the Archuleta County Court bench in August 1995. A resident of Pagosa Springs since 1979, Judge Denvir was in private law practice prior to his appointment. The Archuleta County Court Judge is currently a part-time position with only 18 hours per week funded.

In the last two and a half years, Archuleta County's court cases have increased 25% each year with criminal cases 60% of Judge Denvir's caseload and civil cases 40%.

Judge Denvir is also employed for an extra ten hours as a District Court Magistrate. Judge Denvir is committed to additional training to improve his courtroom "nut and bolts" skills such as evidence and docket management.

Respondents to the State Commission's performance survey found the Judge listens patiently and is well prepared. A review of the Commission's survey further indicates that Judge Denvir's impartiality and effective communicative style is well-regarded by those who appear in his courtroom.

Citing Judge Denvir's demeanor and professionalism in the courtroom, a majority of survey respondents to the State's performance survey (attorneys - 100%, victims - 75%, jurors - 90%, law enforcement - 92%, court/probation employees - 100%, litigants - 70% and social services personnel - 100%) favor the retention of Judge Denvir.