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Celeste, Mary 2006 Evaluation


Second Judicial District - Denver County Court Judge

Honorable Mary A. Celeste 

Retention Year: 2006
Recommendation: Retain


2006 Retention Survey Report 


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The Second Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance unanimously recommends that Judge Mary A. Celeste BE RETAINED.

Judge Celeste was appointed to the Denver County Court bench in April 2000. Prior to her appointment, Judge Celeste was a partner in a law firm specializing in personal injury cases and trust and estate matters. Judge Celeste received her undergraduate degree from San Diego State University and her law degree from California Western University. Judge Celeste has presided in traffic court and criminal court. Judge Celeste is a member of the American Judges Association Board of Directors and sits on two Supreme Court Committees.

Judge Celeste has volunteered as a remedial reading teacher of elementary school children. Judge Celeste enjoys boating, playing bridge, and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

The Commission reviewed written evaluations of Judge Celeste from attorneys and non-attorneys, including written verbatim comments attached to the surveys. The Commission also considered a written self-evaluation completed by Judge Celeste and conducted a personal interview with her.

Judge Celeste received slightly higher than average rating from attorneys in the areas of promptly ruling on pre trial motions and issuing written findings on fact or law. Judge Celeste received average ratings in the areas of promptly issuing a decision on the case after trial, making decisions without fear of being appealed; overall communication, speaking clearly, and making sure all participates understand proceedings. Judge Celeste received lower than average ratings from attorneys in the areas of setting reasonable schedules for cases, being willing to reconsider error in fact or law, having knowledge of rules of procedure and evidence, using good judgment in application of relevant law and rules, treating participants politely and with respect, conducting her courtroom in a neutral manner, consistently applying laws and rules, and treating parties without attorneys fairly.
Of the attorney’s responding to the survey 87% recommended retention and 13 % recommended that Judge Celeste not be retained.

Judge Celeste received average ratings from non-attorneys. Of the non-attorneys responding to the survey, 88% recommended that Judge Celeste be retained and 12% recommended that she not be retained.