Carlson, Max 2004 Evaluation


Thirteenth Judicial District - Sedgwick County Court Judge

Honorable Max E. CarlsonĀ 

Retention Year: 2004
Recommendation: Retain

The Thirteenth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that Judge Max E. Carlson BE RETAINED in office by a unanimous vote of the six commission members.

Judge Carlson was appointed to the Sedgwick County bench in July 1978. He is a 30% time judge, and also maintains a private practice in Julesburg, specializing in estates and civil matters. Judge Carlson presently hears civil, misdemeanor and traffic cases in county court, and felony advisements.

The Commission reviewed the results of evaluations of Judge Carlson from attorneys and non-attorneys, including written comments from both groups. The Commission also interviewed Judge Carlson in person and considered the judge's written self-evaluation.
Judge Carlson is concerned about the judicial process and strives for improvement. He is currently updating a judicial bench book to help him be consistent and accurate in his decisions. Judge Carlson believes that punishment should be combined with treatment to reduce the likelihood of re-offending. The judge took an anger management class himself, as he sometimes requires defendants to do, and found the information useful. Judge Carlson regularly visits the middle schools and high schools in Sedgwick County, where he speaks to students about the law and living within it.

Of the attorneys surveyed who had an opinion, 100% recommended Judge Carlson's retention. Of the non-attorneys surveyed, 82% of those with an opinion on the subject recommended retention, while 18% recommended non-retention.