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Boyd, James 2006 Evaluation


Ninth Judicial District - District Court Judge

Honorable James B. Boyd

Retention Year: 2006
Recommendation: Retain

The Ninth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance unanimously recommends that Judge James B. Boyd BE RETAINED.

Judge Boyd was appointed to the District Court for the Ninth Judicial District on January 14, 2003. He previously was in private practice, specializing in domestic relations and real estate litigation.

Judge Boyd’s community service includes membership on the COLTAF Board (the Colorado non-profit that oversees collection, stewardship and charitable distribution of interest on lawyers’ trust accounts) speaking to students, bar associations and law-related groups, and presiding over mock trial competitions for high school students.

The Commission reviewed responses to the Judicial Performance Surveys sent at random to attorneys, plaintiffs, defendants, jurors, parole officers, and court staff. The Commission also reviewed the Open Case Load Data Report and Judge Boyd’s Self-Evaluation. Members observed Judge Boyd in the courtroom and interviewed him in person.

The attorneys gave Judge Boyd almost perfect marks for conducting a dignified and neutral courtroom, treating participants fairly, politely, with respect and empathy, and for consistent application of laws and rules and consistent behavior. They also gave him high marks for knowledge of substantive and procedural law. Some minor criticism was raised by a few attorneys that although Judge Boyd begins court on time and maintains appropriate control over the proceedings, he sometimes does not issue rulings promptly before and during trial or, particularly, decisions on the case after trial. Non-attorneys gave Judge Boyd good demeanor marks, but lower grades for speaking clearly in the courtroom.

Ninety-seven percent of both attorneys and non-attorneys recommended that Judge Boyd be retained.

The Commission found Judge Boyd to be insightful with respect to both his strengths and weaknesses and committed to improve in those areas in which minor shortcomings were noted. The Commission believes that the Ninth Judicial District is fortunate to have a judge with such knowledge and skill who presides fairly and renders justice.
The Commission unanimously recommends that Judge Boyd BE RETAINED.