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Allan, Geraldine 1994 Evaluation


Eighteenth Judicial District - Arapahoe County Court Judge

Honorable Geraldine L. Allan

Retention Year: 1994
Recommendation: Retain


Judge Geraldine L. Allan served as a County Judge in Aurora from January, 1988 to February, 1992. Judge Allan has been serving as a County Judge in Littleton since February, 1992. The vast preponderance of her cases are misdemeanor or traffic cases. Prior to assuming her current judgeship she functioned as a Referee/Commissioner in Arapahoe County District Court from 1984 to 1987. Judge Allan obtained an undergraduate degree in Journalism from Northwestern University and in 1969 graduated from the University of Denver Law School. After her admittance to the Colorado Bar in 1969 until 1987, she was in private practice except from 1972-76 when she worked for Arapahoe County Legal Aid and 1977-78 when she was Deputy City Attorney in Littleton.

The lawyers’ survey was generally favorable with Judge Allan obtaining 85% approval ratings in most categories of performance. The Commission notes that Judge Allan’s appraisals are significantly improving from year to year. It was observed that she can be soft spoken to a fault.

She carefully considers all factors in each case in sentencing. She is stern but fair.

The Eighteenth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance recommends that Judge Geraldine L. Allan BE RETAINED.