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Plewe, Todd 2018 Evaluation


Twenty-Second Judicial District - District Judge

Honorable Todd Jay Plewe

Retention Year: 2018
Recommendation: Meets Performance Standard


The Twenty-Second Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance unanimously (6-0) agrees that Judge Todd Jay Plewe MEETS PERFORMANCE STANDARDS.

Judge Plewe was appointed to the District Court for the Twenty-Second Judicial District in 2010. Prior to his appointment to District Court, Judge Plewe served as the Montezuma County Court Judge from 2002 through 2010. Judge Plewe received his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Colorado School of Law in 1997. Judge Plewe is actively involved in the community by voluntarily managing a local basketball club with six youth teams, where he coaches one of the basketball teams. Judge Plewe is also the assistant boys’ golf coach at the local high school, and he hosts school, scout, and youth groups at the courthouse. Judge Plewe remains actively involved in the Twenty-Second Judicial District Drug Court.

The Commission reviewed the results of the attorney and non-attorney surveys who had experience with Judge Plewe, conducted unannounced courtroom observations, reviewed caseload statistics and written decisions, filled out decision/opinion review matrices, and conducted an interview with Judge Plewe.  Judge Plewe met performance standards according to 88% of Attorneys, 81% of Total Non-Attorneys, and 60% on Non-Attorneys Other; 12% of Attorneys, 5% of Total Non-Attorneys, and 10% of Non-Attorneys Other had no opinion. (Note: The Non-Attorneys Other category includes law enforcement personnel, defendants, litigants, and witnesses.)  Importantly, are no juror score for Judge Plewe because no juror surveys were sent as a result of an error made by the Executive Director of the Office for Judicial Performance Evaluation. It is likely Judge Plewes's non-attorney scores would have been higher had jurors had an opportunity to respond to the survey.

Judge Plewe presides over domestic relations (divorce, child custody), criminal, civil, and probate cases.  Jurors expressed appreciation for his professionalism and communication skills. Judge Plewe received high marks for his case management, application and knowledge of law, communications, diligence, demeanor, and fairness. The Commission observed each of these traits during their time spent in Judge Plewe’s courtroom. Judge Plewe is often described as fair, consistent, intelligent, and compassionate.  Based on these findings, the Commission unanimously agreed Judge Plewe meets performance standards.

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