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Schwartz, Larry 2022 Evaluation


Tenth Judicial District - District Court Judge

Honorable Larry Schwartz

Retention Year: 2022
Recommendation: Meets Performance Standard

The Tenth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance unanimously agrees by a vote of 9 to 0 that Judge Larry Schwartz MEETS PERFORMANCE STANDARDS. The Colorado statutory judicial performance standards are integrity, legal knowledge, communication skills, judicial temperament, administrative performance, and service to the legal profession and the public. The Commission conducted a personal interview with Judge Schwartz on June 1, 2022, reviewed opinions he authored and observed him in court.

Judge Schwartz’s demeanor is described as being calm, professional, impartial, respectful, and thoughtful.  He is considered to be well prepared and knowledgeable on the law involved in his cases.  He keeps strict control of his docket to insure that cases proceed to conclusion without unnecessary delay. He states his expectations of the parties in a manner that is clearly understood.  Some of the survey responders wished he would be a bit warmer or less curt in his demeanor.  However, Judge Schwartz is well thought of not only by attorneys and pro se parties, but by his judiciary colleagues as well.  Judge Schwartz was nominated by his judicial colleagues and awarded the Judicial Excellence Award in 2020.  He often serves as a mentor for judges who are just starting their judicial careers.  Judge Schwartz’s written decisions are clear, concise and well written. Judge Schwartz is an extremely hard worker. He tracks new developments in the law, expands his practical and legal knowledge, and enhances the administration of justice in his court. Commission members observed these qualities during their evaluations and interview. Judge Schwartz's opinions reflect his knowledge of the law and common-sense communication style. Based on these findings the Commission unanimously agreed that Judge Schwartz meets performance standards.

The Commission reviewed judicial performance survey responses from attorneys and non-attorneys who had interaction in Judge Schwartz’s court. Among the survey questions was "based on your responses to the previous questions related to the performance evaluation criteria, do you think Judge Schwartz meets judicial performance standards?" Of the 57 people responding to the survey, 100% of the attorneys and 100% of the non-attorneys responding to the survey, answered yes. A total of 41 attorneys and 16 non-attorneys responded to the judicial performance surveys expressing their opinion of Judge Schwartz. Judge Schwartz received ratings above the statewide average among all District Court judges standing for retention with regard to all the areas surveyed: (1) case management, (2) application and knowledge of law, (3) communications, (4) demeanor, (5) diligence and (6) fairness.

Judge Schwartz was appointed to the District Court in Pueblo, Colorado in 2008. Judge Schwartz presides over Water Court (100%), Civil (10%), Domestic Relations (50%) and Probate (all probate cases where there is a recusal) matters in Pueblo, Colorado. He received his bachelor's degree from the University of Southern Colorado and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Oklahoma Law School. He previously served as a deputy district attorney and private counsel in Pueblo prior to his appointment to the bench.

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