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Rotolo, Ann 2022 Evaluation



Fourth Judicial District - El Paso County Court Judge

Honorable Ann M. Rotolo

Retention Year: 2022
Recommendation: Meets Performance Standard

The Fourth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance voted 5-0 with 5 absent that Judge Ann M. Rotolo MEETS PERFORMANCE STANDARDS. The Colorado statutory judicial performance standards are integrity, legal knowledge, communication skills, judicial temperament, administrative performance, and service to the legal profession and the public.

Judge Rotolo’s docket includes 30% civil, 60% misdemeanor and traffic cases and 10% criminal. Judge Rotolo’s overall combined score on the 2022 Judicial Performance Survey was 3.6 out of 4.0. This is higher than the average score of 3.4 for all County Court Judges. 22 attorneys and 21 non-attorneys responded to the survey. 84% of attorneys stated that Judge Rotolo meets judicial performance standards. It is unusual to see a 100% score for any judge, but all 21 non-attorneys stated she meets performance standards. All county court judges receive an 83% score from attorneys and an 83% score from non-attorneys. Attorneys scored Judge Rotolo 3.4 in case management, 3.3 in application of the law, 3.4 in communications, 3.4 in demeanor, 3.2 in diligence, and 3.4 in fairness. Non-attorney scores in the same categories were all 3.8 or 3.9. Attorneys commented that Judge Rotolo is unbiased, thoughtful, courteous, respectful and applies the law justly. Non-attorney comments indicate she is very fair, polite, attentive, and professional. A small number of attorney comments were critical of Judge Rotolo but the Commission is satisfied that a large majority of all the respondents had very positive comments about her performance.

The Commission interviewed Judge Rotolo and several members observed her in Court. The Commission reviewed her self-evaluation, written opinions, comments from attorneys and non-attorneys, and the judicial performance survey results from 2022. The Commission also spoke with the Chief Judge of the 4th Judicial District and representatives of the District Attorney’s Office and the Public Defender’s Office. In the interview with Judge Rotolo the Commission was impressed with her efforts to mentor newer lawyers and to handle her docket efficiently. She is willing to make difficult decisions when she believes the law requires it even if the decision may displease one of the parties. The Commission finds Judge Rotolo to be a very experienced and dedicated judge who is an asset to the County Court Bench.

Judge Rotolo was appointed to the El Paso County Court in July 2008. She obtained her law degree from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law in 1991. Prior to her appointment she was an assistant County Attorney in El Paso County and a magistrate in the 4th JD. She volunteers with Teen Court and currently serves on the Board of ComCor, the State Personnel Rules Committee and the Personnel Board of Review for the State Judicial Department.

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